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The Nordic Congress started up on Wednesday evening in the Copenhagen City Hall. With the Panumkoret on the stage all present participants sung Kom maj du søde milde, and a nice, warm atmosphere was built up - doctors from the five Nordic countries united in singing. Two welcome speeches (by Mogens Lønborg, the Mayor, and Roar Maagaard) followed and the Panumkoret completed the séance with two fine song performances. Hereafter a buffet was served upstairs.

Thursday morning the Minister of Health opened the Congress for the 700 people that had registered and a number of invited guests. Welcome speeches and lovely music alternated and the morning session was set by the key note lecture "General Practice as an integrated part of the health care system", held by Barbara Starfield.

More than 50 workshops, symposia and oral presentations were held, about 25 poster presentations were made - and after a full day with lots of new knowledge, new reflections and may be new relations the participants went out into the sun at 5 o'clock.

Friday morning two interesting key note lectures were held: "GPs are needed for the management of health problems among older people in primary care – What shall we do?" by Mikkel Vass and "Molecules, Minds, Morrison and Medicine – the 4M Study" by Linn Getz.

Hereafter the Friday schedule was similar to that of Thursday with workshops, symposia and oral presentations.

450 participants had registered for the dinner and dance banquet at the Langelinie Pavillon on Friday evening. At 19 h they had their aperitif there – some of them on the terrace overlooking the harbour with the Little Mermaid. Roar Maagaard welcomed the guests, everybody sitting close to the water with the sunrays sparkling in it, and with Dannebrog, the royal yacht, passing by and with the sound of a salute when the sun set. During the dinner the toastmaster lost his trousers for a short while… Gert Henning-Jensen together with two other Royal Opera singers entertained with Nordic songs and Italian opera selections. The choir of the Congress (about 35 people) showed what they had – also - learned during these 2-3 days, and they made everybody sing with them. The Tromsø people made a short introduction to the next Nordic Congress and at the end of the dinner a nice speech of thanks was held.

Until 2 o’clock in the morning people enjoyed the night dancing, talking, laughing – and having a draught beer or two – may be three.

Saturday morning Martin Marshall held an interesting key note lecture “Practice, politics and possibilities: addressing the challenges facing general practice”. The Closing Ceremony was inaugurated by the presentation of the Nordic Research Prize to Irene Hetlevik. A number of speeches were held with breaks of song, music – and ballet, too, five young pupils from the Royal Danish Ballet giving two charming dance performances.

At noon an informal lunch was ready – and the Congress was closed.

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