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Photos from the Opening Ceremony Thursday 14 May and the Closing Ceremony Saturday 16 May: Jacob Crawfurd


Welcome Reception at the Copenhagen City Hall - Wednesday 13 May 2009

Opening Ceremony - Thursday 14 May 2009

Atmosphere at the foyer area - Thursday 14 May 2009

W08 GP Trainee: future gatekeeper or advisor? What is your identity? - Thursday 14 May 2009

CHAIR: Thomas Hansen, Karen Kjær Larsen, Henrik Idriss Kise, Mette Rimmen (DENMARK)

BBQ for young doctors in a traditional Danish - Thursday 14 May 2009

Key note lectures - Friday 15 May 2009

Key note lecture by Mikkel Vass, MD, GP, researcher, Denmark "GPs are needed for the management of health problems among the older people in primary care – What shall we do?" Key note lecture by Linn Getz, MD, Ph.D., Norway and Iceland Molecules, Minds, Morrison and Medicine – the 4M Study

Closing Ceremony - Saturday 16 May 2009

Danish College of General Practitioners Oester Farimagsgade 5 · P.O. Box 2099 · DK-1014 Copenhagen K ·