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The GP’s medical website for updated clinical information

Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about Lægehåndbogen/NEL at the Nordic conference. During Thursday and Friday the Lægehåndbogen/NEL laboratory will be open. Explore the numerous opportunities in Lægehåndbogen/NEL, while you solve selected clinical cases on your own or with help from the Nordic editors from Lægehåndbogen/NEL – and maybe you will win the prize for the best answers.

Also remember the Lægehåndbogen/NEL workshop 10.45 -12.15 room 13, THURSDAY 14 MAY.

A plenary description of Lægehåndbogen/NEL and workshop, where clinical problems are solved using Lægehåndbogen/NEL.

Lægehåndbogen/NEL is a medical website aimed primarily at Danish and Norwegian GPs and patients. All information in Lægehåndbogen/NEL is presented with the intention to give rapid access to clinical knowledge. Lægehåndbogen/NEL offer GPs and patients updated and reliable online health information based on the principles of evidence-based medicine. It supports the spread of new academic knowledge towards GPs, and gives GPs and patient’s a common platform in relation to health and sickness. The website contains about 6.000 medical articles about different conditions. All articles for GPs have patient information connected. Lægehåndbogen/NEL is free to use for doctors and patients in Denmark and Norway. In Norway it was initiated in 1999 and owned by Norsk Helseinformatik. In Denmark it is owned by the Danish Regions since 2008, and based at lægeforeningen. The website is currently translated to Danish and available at the Danish National Health Portal,

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