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Mikkel Vass
MD, researcher

GPs are needed for the management of health problems among older people in primary care – What shall we do?

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Summary of content
The ageing demography highlights the need to prevent disability and to find effective ways to care for older people’s chronic diseases and variety of complex health problems. GPs have a central and irreplaceable role in treating and coordinating primary care services to older people. But what shall GPs do? How should the busy GP agenda include time consuming interdisciplinary engagement and services? What is essential to do? And do we really want to do it?
Scientific evidence suggests that GP engagement and participation may help bridge the gap between primary care professionals leading to enhanced life expectancy and well being, but the question still is how to translate research into practice.

Born 1951, GP since 1990 in Præstø and working with prevention in old age since the mid-80s. He has been working as a senior lecturer and researcher at the section of general practice and research unit at the department of public health Copenhagen University. Co-editor to ‘An evidence-based approach to assessing older people in primary care, RCPG London 1998 and he has directed a large effectiveness study on preventive home visits to older people in Denmark. Results have been published in several international journals preparing for a doctoral thesis. He participated in the elaboration of the Danish dementia guideline and has promoted the use of a brief cognitive test for older people’s driving licence renewal in DK.



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