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Linn Getz
MD, Ph.D.
Trondheim Norway/Reykjavik Iceland

Molecules, Minds, Morrison and Medicine – the 4M Study

Summary of content
It is scientifically flawed to think of the body as separated from the mind. Nevertheless, mainstream, modern medicine has become a one-eyed enterprise that focuses on ever more detailed knowledge about isolated, biological units of the human body. This “engineering” model has lead to many breakthroughs in medicine, but it is not sophisticated enough to guide clinical encounters in general practice. During the last decade, research disciplines such as neuroscience and psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology have provided lots of ‘hard’ evidence that a human being’s existential realities influence this person’s body and health, down to a deep physiological level. The aim of this lecture is to review some of this evidence and reflect upon its meaning for every-day, clinical practice.

LG is born and educated in Norway and has lived in Iceland since 1996. She started out in Norwegian general practice where she became involved in ideology development and research. In Iceland, she has worked with psychiatry and occupational medicine, whilst continuing to cooperate with Norwegian GP colleagues. Her Ph.D. thesis “Sustainable and responsible preventive medicine” (2006) focuses on ethical dilemmas related to implementation of preventive, clinical guidelines. She presently devotes time and thought to the rapidly increasing body of evidence which links human existential experience to biological function and disease development. Linn Getz works as associate professor and researcher at the General Practice Research Unit at NTNU, Trondheim, and as an occupational physician at Landspítali, Iceland.

Danish College of General Practitioners Oester Farimagsgade 5 · P.O. Box 2099 · DK-1014 Copenhagen K ·