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The Nordic Congress of General Practice is held every second year presenting the latest news within research, education, quality improvement and state of the art.

At the Copenhagen conference in 2009 Nordic colleagues will discuss the future of General Practice.

Today, we know that General Practice will occupy a central position in the health care system of tomorrow. But what are the challenges of tomorrow? Are the challenges the same in all the Nordic countries?

Can lessons learned in other Nordic settings give benefit to the whole of Scandinavia?

In the Danish scientific committee we believe they can!

In fact, we feel this exchange of experience is crucial to ensure, that the future Nordic General Practice will be seen, not only as a profession managing multiple agendas, but as a multifaced co-operative evidence based partner, with the will and the knowledge to set a responsible agenda for a better future Nordic health.

Setting such an agenda demands the knowledge and the presence of both researchers and general practitioners. This is why we invite you to participate in the creation of a successful conference!

Perhaps as a presenter of knowledge to be shared among your Nordic colleagues, but most of all, as an active participant in all those informal discussions and sharing of personal visions, that occurs in all corners at a conference of this kind. Actually, there are no real arguments for not attending; why not participate in the shaping of one’s own future and have a happy time while doing it? 

Whether your interest is in quality improvement, General Practice as an organization, the Health Belief Model or children’s health, it is all there on the Conference. We will offer you the latest research results and the boldest experience in key-note lectures, symposia, lectures and workshops. 

Need a conference break?  Copenhagen in spring is beautiful and has many things to offer beside the activities on the congress. Enjoy the scenery of this old capital while you enjoy life, your friends and this unique feeling of being right in the creative center of the future Nordic General Practice.

See you in Copenhagen 2009! 

Danish College of General Practitioners Oester Farimagsgade 5 · P.O. Box 2099 · DK-1014 Copenhagen K ·